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What follows is a collection of my writing, or at least what's available at the moment. They're science fiction and fantasy stories that I've been writing, off and on, for some time. They've received quite a bit of positive feedback from readers, so I decided to post them. Love them or loathe them, that's your perogative.

Human Memoirs is available in it's entirity while the other two stories are in varying stages of completion. I'll try to keep the archive up to date and post additions as they become available.

Each story has a brief sample that can be read online, but due to space(or lack of), the rest of the stories are stored in PKzip archives. Hopefully, if finances allow, I'll be able to convert them to HTML pages that can be read online.

A word of warning: these aren't bed-time stories. They were intended for mature audiences and contain realistic violence and adult themes. There's nothing here that you won't find in your your high-street bookshop, but if this does offend you, don't read them. Simple, huh?

Story Samples

Human Memoirs

A human soldier is catapulted into a word where evolution took a very different turn. Alone in this new world, there is only one person who calls him friend, and she is far from human.

The complete version of Human Memoirs in Zipped text format. Humem.zip


When an antiquidated Nakuma Mining Corp vessel is crippled on the fringes of human space the pilot seeks refuge on the only Terra-class world ever found in centuries of exploration. That the world is already inhabited might cause a few problems.

The first two parts of Godsend are available as Godsend.zip

Light on Shattered Water

When Michael Riley took time away from his workstation screen he was looking forward to a quiet break in the Vermont countryside. The last thing he was expecting was finding himself in an America where humans had never evolved; in a land where greed and intruige and betrayal are as common as ever.

The latest version of LOSW is available here. Last updated 23/8/98 Light.zip


They'd been wondering if there was intelligent life out there. Finding it came as a bit of a shock. Work in progress set in the Godsend universe.

Last updated 28-10-01

PKzipped version of Borderlines borderlines.zip

Godsend Pt3 - Reunions(working title)

Some time has passed. Some parts of the World have settled, others haven't. New reasons for old acquaintances to reunite.

Storms Over Open Fields

A single individual has the power to upturn a world. There are those who wonder if this is such a good thing.

Lies in Red Leaves

The Third novel in the Shattered Water series.
Politics is a delicate game at the best of times. Playing that game in an alien world where assasination and blackmail are just tools of the trade and the price of failure is war, well, that just makes it more interesting.

updated 31-10-2010

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Sebastian F. Mix has been doing a splendid job of converting the stories to HTML and offering the results on his Net.Fiction page

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