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This page contains some of the more recent images I've done. These images are all copyright the artist. Not to be used for commercial distribution without the artist's consent. If you'd like a higher-res version of any of these, please e-mail me.

 AutumnAutumn: One of a 'Four Seasons' range I did showing the seasonal changes that a town not unlike Shattered Water experiences. Converted to an animated GIF on my homepage. 

 WinterWinter: Another in that 'Four Seasons' series. 

 Cover1Cover: Just a CD cover I put together for myself. 

 BarbaraAnother CD cover. This is one of a series of images I've done for the group Sheltered Reality (formerly Rex is Dead) 

 Mechamorphosis2A litle illo I did of my flatmate (she's a bit of allright, wot?). Created in Photoshop 4.0 

 BarnFrom the world of Shattered Water. A view of the barn in westwater. 

 Shattered WaterAn early scene from Shattered Water, the Movie. The waterfront at night. 

  Stone Circle 1An ancient stone circle in the heart of a fortress. Sound familiar? 
Stone Circle 2

 Debristhe ruins of an alien ship. Will be putting animated Nedai models into it eventually. 

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