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Welcome to my images page. This archive contains samples of pictures I've done over the years, quite a few of them illustrations from my stories. I've used a variety of media, from pen and ink to airbrush and guache to computer graphics. Just click on a thumbnail to view a higher-res version of the image. These images are all copyright the artist. Not to be used for commercial distribution without the artist's consent. If you'd like a higher-res version of any of these, please e-mail me.

 MediatorMediator: A mediator from LOSW. Pen and ink pointillation on illustration board. Unfinished. 

 Armor Armour: A cover for a mock-up computer game done as a design project. Airbrush and guache on illustration board. 

 Catnap Catnap: A felid taking a nap on a stack of cloth. Done using HIRES-QFX on a 486DX55 with Wacom tablet. 

 Citadel Citadel: A view of the Citadel from The Human Memoirs. Pen and ink pointillation 

 Courtyard Court: A pen and ink pointillation illustration of a scene from The Human Memoirs 

 Fight Fight: A photoshop illustration of a couple of felids debating who picks up the tab. 

 Gunner Gunner: A Sathe with an M-60. Early airbrush and guache on illustration board. 

 Land Landscape: Michael Riley looking out over the isolated little town of Westwater. LOSW. A Photoshop 2.5 illustration. Someday I want to go back and redraw the figure: the lighting is all wrong. 

 Monitor Monitor. A scene from the introduction to The Human Memoirs. Photoshop illustration. Can't say I'm particularly happy with it. 

 NiteLight Nitelite: An exercise in night-time illumination. Photoshop. This came out quite nicely. I'd orginally wanted to manually draw the cobblestones, but started going nuts doing it. So, I cheated and rasterbated a scanned image. 

 Rampart Rampart: A scene from the story The Human Memoirs. Airbrush guache on Illustration board. 

 Rampart Snarl: A feline head against a stormy backdrop. Pen and ink pointillation. 

 Stalk Stalk: Playing around with a soft-focus background and lighting effects. Airbrush guache on illustration board. 

 StillSeen Stillc: A collection of elements from Memoirs. Airbrush guache on illustration board. This took a long time to do. With all the different textures and materials there was a lot of masking and careful touching up involved. 

 Survey Survey: An industrial servo in a forest. The image bouncing around in my skull from which Godsend evolved. Airbursh and Guache etc. 

 Terrace and Phillip :) Terrace: Looking down upon the Palace terrace at night. A scene from LOSW. Playing around with Truespace 2 - nice render engine, weird interface. 

 Truckin' Truckin: The crossover from The Human Memoirs. Airbrush guache on illustration board. 

 MekShop Mekshop: A quick black and white airbrush picture done to illustrate a manual. B&W airbrushed guache on illustration board 

 Zap ZAP: Eat screaming ionised plasma death, bug-eyed alien freaks. Photoshop illustration. I'd ODed on a combo of Doom and X-COM when I did this. 

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