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  I guess this is as good as place as any to put that compulsory 'welcome to my homepage' spiel, so there it was. Anyway, here's a bit of info about what you're likely to find behind these wURLS. There's a spattering of my artwork, along with my dabblings into science fiction writing and a few forays into the gibsome world of Quake skins, for those who still remember what that was.

You're welcome to browse and download what you like, but please remember: all items on these pages are the intellectual property of the author. You can copy them, but please don't use them for commercial gain without permission, or else we'll have to hose down and release the lawyers.

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Light on Shattered Water - Amazon Kindle US$4.99

Captain's log...


Okay, this page will probably be going away very soon. I'm looking at some alternative hosts. Meantime here's a very rough holding site: Otherworlds on Blogspot

Hopefully this will work for a while but atm it's pretty rough.

Update. Lies in Red Leaves. Twice in one year. I'm on a roll...

In more interesting news, old man shouts at cloud. It looks like this site is going to be going away in the next month. After umpteen years the marketroids that operate the organization that calls itsef my ISP have decided that the internet doesn't need any independantly served web pages out there. They've decided to pull the plug on their hosting servers. And they've generously offered a 'special deal' with a local hosting service in this country which only charges about %500 more than they did. Not including domain name services. And who can blame them? After all, why should the internet need independant little individual websites when you've got things like Facebook, right?

I'm really hoping Berners-Lee's SOLID takes off.

So, if anyone out there knows of a decent hosting solution I'd be really intersted in hearing about it. This current one has been included as part of my normal net bill, which is pretty hard to beat costwise, but I can hope. Meantime, I'm looking at Blogger. I think I can wrangle it to do what I want, but I'll have to see if it works for the users as well. I'll post a link when I get it in a usable state.

And I did it again. Thanks to all of you who kindly let me know that I've gone a year between updates. You can stop now...

There's another update to LIRL about where you'd expect to find it. And with any luck I'm moving into the home straight on this one. Hopefully the next update will be sooner, but no promises. Work has been hellaciously busy recently, so I'm going nonstop most of the day which can make it hard to think about stuff that isn't work. Then there's things breaking down and needing really expensive repairs. And there's just been the news that someone in close family has cancer, and not a good kind. So that's a lead cloud on the horizon.

Also, my email has changed. My ISP - one of the largest in the country - decided that they didn't like the 250000 people using their email systems that they inherited after absorbing a swarm of smaller outfits. And they couldn't be bothered updating or maintaining the system. So, they closed it down. Basically forcing users to Google or some other spymail-funded system. TBH, I think the problem was that the systems were originally designed for POP and SMTP accounts, where the users stored their own email. Then they tacked webmail onto it, which didn't help. These days IMAP means users just atomagically get their 'mailz' from the intertrons, so these old systems were being deluged with users' bloated inboxes. Rather than fixing a problem they just saw growing bigger as mailboxes increased in size, the Boys on the Board just decided to foist it off on outfits that were built around catering to that problem. From a financial point of view, it makes sense. From the point of view of someone who's had that address for 20 years, it's a dick move.

Didn't see a reduction in my bill either.

Anyhow, enough grouching. Most of it is just the usual crap to deal with, which I will attempt to do and get some more writing done. So back to your regularly scheduled delay between updates.

Didn't break the record this time, but it was close.

Another update to LIRL in stories, and I'm still not satisfied with how it's scanning, but decided to get something - anything - posted. There will certainly be changes before the final version, but this will do for now.

And in regards to an audiobook, the aforementioned fellow has already started work on the project and has a few chapters available for sampling on Youtube here:

Light on Shattered Water Chapter One

Over a year between updates. That's got to be some kind of record *sigh*

There is an update to LIRL over in the stories section. I'm still working away at it, but I just haven't got much writing done recently. It's been a one step forward, one step back sort of thing. I know where I want the story to go, it's just getting there in an interesting, non-cheesy sort of way that's tricky. And there's always real life to deal with, which is a royal pain.

In more interesting news, who would be interested in a audio book of Light on Shattered Water. I have been approached by a chap - a gentleman if you will - who has expressed an interest in doing so. It's a damnably ambitious undertaking and I'm not really in a position to lend assistance, but he thinks he can pull it off. If he is willing I might be able to get him to post a couple of sample chapters so people can offer feedback.

And Merry Christmas.

Okay, so the last year has made a liar out of me. The new job has been pretty draining. It's certainly more important than my last line of work, but is also perhaps a bit less stimulating and more tiring. Lot of problem solving, but not so much creative stuff. I have still been writing, but not as much as I'd like. I do have a roadmap for the Life of riley saga - where I want the whole current story arc to go - which will probably involve one more book. I've also done more on Borderlines. Now, with that book I'm considering finishing the rest of the book and only then posting it, perhaps only on Amazon or Smashwords initially and then posting a free txt version. I am curious to see how doing something like that would effect sales.

Anyway, there is an update to Lies in red Leaves through in the story section for those who want their presents early.

Happy New Year!

No, this isn't an April Fools gag. There's actually an update to Lies in Red Leaves through in the story section. It's not as much as I'd hoped for, but it's all I've been able to get done. Hopefully now that I'm settled into the new job and know the routines I'll have a bit more time and energy to devote to it. I have done some outlines working out where I want the story to go and how I want this installment to end. I don't think everybody's going to like it, but it's my story and I'm sticking with it :) And it should put me in a position to get the final book in the series finished.

Just a quick update. My humblest appleogies for the lateness/ nonexistence of the latest post. I've started a new full-time job and spent the past couple of months flat-out getting up to speed with all the procedures required. With luck I'll be able to get a proper update done in the new year.

Good news, everybody! Apart from reading this in your head in Professor Farnsworth's voice, I've posted an update to Lies in Red Leaves through in the story section. I've also been playing around with the pricing structure on Amazon, and the results have been... interesting.

One of the limitations of the KDP program is that you can't (as in verboten) sell the story elsewhere. So, in reflection, I'm wondering if the KDP option is worth it. The most difficult aspect of self-publishing is the promotional side of things - you can't simply go around social sites spamming them with obnoxious self-promotional material pointing to your material so word of mouth and recommendations are powerful tools. A good way to get them is to get as much exposure as possible, so selling via multiple vectors such as Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, etc rather than being limiting oneself to a single platform and being at the mercy of their (dubious) promotions might be a better option.

That being said, honest reviews and recommendations are always appreciated. Spread the words that the books are there and they're pretty good value - they should last longer than a movie, unless you read even faster than I do :)

A couple of items of news this time. Item The First: I've posted another update to Lies in Red Leaves over on the stories page. This update is predominantly a re-write of the last update, which I wasn't entirely happy with. I've changed quite a few details in there and think it now flows and better and feels a little more believable.

What was the other news... Oh, yes. Item The Second: Light on Shattered Water is now available on Amazon in the Kindle store.

Light on Shattered Water - Amazon Kindle US$4.99

Finally this story is available on the Kindle service. Tell your friends and neighbours. It's a reasonable price, I think, considering what you get. The story is slightly updated from the one freely available online and comes with a cover and maps of the known Rris world and the Land-of-Water environs. I hope to expand on these with a list of players and maps of the major cities. I'll see how demand goes and whether it would be worth my time. I've tried to keep formatting consistent across devices, but that's tricky when you consider the number of differing resolutions, palettes and aspect ratios out there, so if something is really borked let me know and I'll try and fix it.

Ironically enough, Amazon tells me I can't actually buy the book since it's not available in my location. Go figure...




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